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Looking for testers of the new Firefox add-on

(Daniel Naber) #21

Does anybody here use Wordpress with Gutenberg? We received reports of the add-on not working for Gutenberg, but cannot reproduce it yet.

(Michael) #22

When trying to use my languagetoolplus account I get the message “Es tut uns leid, beim Prüfen ist etwas schiefgelaufen”.

(Daniel Naber) #23

Maybe there’s a typo in your email or password? We’re going to improve the error message for that case.

(Michael) #24

I don’t think so but I can try again this evening.

Besides, both plugins shouldn’t show the ad for LanguageTool Plus when I’ve connected them to my account.

(Andriy) #25

I get an error on some Wikipedia pages. I suspect the text is too long, but I don’t get any explanation. It would be nice if we could expose a bit more info about the error.
Also, I wonder if in this case we could allow user to check text partially or allow to check the selection only.

(Daniel Naber) #26

Please try version now linked above, it should provide improved feedback.

(Andriy) #27


(Michael) #28

It does work now with the current version.

(Michael) #29

Any news? I’d love to start using this without having to install it every day.

(Daniel Naber) #30

We still need to fix some usability issues, but we’re working on it…

(Yakov) #31

Before the release, it is necessary to replace the line in Russian localization from “Пишите как Pro” to “Пишите профессионально” or “Пишите грамотно”
I did not find this line on

(Andriy) #32

I still get this problem with version 2.0.23:

I noticed no-break space (U+00A0) gets removed when checking, so the check thinks there’s no space (this one I found on Wikipedia page, e.g. see “1905 р.”)

(Daniel Naber) #33

Yes, it’s because there’s a contenteditable=false around it so it gets ignored:


This can probably only be fixed by adding a special case for Wikipedia.